"Playing Catch With Myself"

About Jason LeJuggler

Jason LeJuggler grew up in the Fluvanna/Albemarle County area and is a member of the Air Raid Juggling Club.  At age 15, Jason LeJuggler learned his first 3-ball cascade (he thought it would impress the ladies!).  For the next 6 years he was the weird guy throwing up 3 objects at every event he attended. (He was juggling, don't be gross!)   He was successful in losing the privilege to attend most local farmers markets for squishing the fruits & vegetables.   Apparently tomatoes don't have the bounce he thought they had!  At age 21 he saw his first real juggling performance and realized there was more to juggling than his more accustomed tomato chucking method.  He started buying varios gadgets, gizmos, and other bizarre objects to add to his collection of unusual props.  For the next year this "Man Toy Syndrome"  continued.  At age 22 he was invited to do his first performance and realized how exciting it was showing and teaching his skills.  He has now performed at local events for the last 4 years including fairs, festivals, churches, schools, special events, birthday parties, and backyard gatherings.

Oh yeah!  He still likes to juggle fruit!