"Playing Catch With Myself"

Types of Shows and Coming Events

Jason LeJuggler is an "interactive" juggler, who gets the audience involved in his act by encouraging them to become part of the show.  His routine always includes spontaneity, keeping each show fresh and entertaining.  Jason's fans love to watch his show again and again.  You can expect lots of fun, family-friendly entertainment at a Jason LeJuggler Show.

Types of Shows

Festival Event/Small Stage
A normal show is between 10-45 minutes depending on the event.  Props range from balls, clubs, rings, diabolo, cigar boxes, devil stick, machete, mallets, torches, and many other various balancing and juggling props.  With a vast diversity of props, abnormal tricks, and audience participation, this show will amaze audience members of all ages.

Solo or Group Lessons
From small groups to large groups, from young to experienced, and from beginner to professional, everyone can get involved in Jason LeJuggler's "Juggling 101 Workshop."  Jason LeJuggler will gaurantee that everyone will be able to learn at least one trick with at least one prop in the first lesson.  Lessons are booked on an hourly basis.

Birthday Parties/Private Events
Most private functions are one hour including a 30 minute show and a 30 minute "Juggling 101" workshop.  Shorter/longer performances or multiple hour performances are negotiable.

Hire Jason LeJuggler to march in your local parade to advertise your business or new product.  He can draw attention to your float throwing objects high in the air or entertain the crowd while wearing your chosen attire or advertisements.

Vendor Show/Trade Show
There is no better way to attract attention to your merchandise/booth than Jason LeJuggler juggling numbers of objects high in the air.  Attire and juggling props may be unique to the show.  These events are booked on an hourly basis.   

Show Setup Requirements

Show length, type, attire, and props are negotiable per event.

  1. STAGE - A stage is not required.  Most tricks require a  10ft  x  10 flat  and level surface area clear of damageable items.  Flat ground is ok in most circumstances weather permitted.
  2. CEILING - The higher the ceiling the better, however at least a 9ft ceiling is required. Outdoor open areas with no ceilings are ok weather permitted.
  3. AUDIENCE DISTANCE - At least 10ft is needed between audience and Jason LeJuggler. Some smaller events with less dangerous props require less room.
  4. SOUND - Sound setup is not required for most small events.

* All setup requirements can be negotiated on an individual basis

Upcoming public events

Come see me at the Ntelos Wireless Pavilion September 26,2012 during the Fresh Beat Band Performance.  I will be there making balloons between 6pm - 8pm! Balloons range from $1 to $5 and tips are always appreciated!

* Come hang by my tent  at Fluvanna's Old Farm Day at Pleasant Grove off Route 53 on Saturday October 6, 2012.  I will be making balloons for $1 to $5 and tips are always appreciated!